International Catastrophe Assessment Team.


Document is a sample actual copy and revised edition will be supplied prior to employment.





By this agreement, International Catastrophe Assessment Team (ICAT) contracts with,______________________________________________   (hereinafter referred to as “ Independent Contractor”) who accepts the contract on the following terms:


1.)    This agreement is in no way to be considered an employment contract. The independent contractor is retained in his/her capacity as an independent contractor to adjust claims and /or appraise property for ICAT.


2.)    This agreement is temporary in nature. The services provided in this particular situation are in no way to be construed as permanent employment with ICAT. Rather, this is an agreement for services in this particular situation only,  CAT #          , . The independent contractor is in no way restricted from working in a similar capacity for other companies provided it in no way restricts his/her ability to perform their duty.


3.)   ICAT does not offer, nor is obliged to supply workers compensation coverage for any “Independent Contractor.”


4.) No Taxes of any type will be withheld from the Independent Contractor’s compensation payment by ICAT.  All taxes state, local, and or federal will be the responsibility of the Independent Contractor.  Each Independent contractor acknowledges and expects to receive a 1099 Federal Tax Information Form at the close of each calendar year.  This form will be mailed to the address listed at the end of this document and the signatory states that this is a legal address.


5.)    The Independent Contractor is responsible for controlling the process and the progress by which he\she adjusts claims.  The content of each claim will be determined by the carrier, ICAT and shall be in accordance with any and all applicable laws. Requirements will be issued with issuance of claim.


6.)    The Independent Contractor is responsible for setting their own hours.  Notification of such working and contact hours shall be provided to ICAT for communication purposes and is necessary and required. New files and requirements per file will be issued each morning and will require the physical presence of each adjuster to acquire them.


7.)    The Independent Contractor is responsible for paying their own expenses, including but not limited to, travel to work location, food and shelter and/or any other incurred or necessary expenses while on the job.


8.)   The Independent Contractor is responsible for providing all necessary supplies, equipment, and materials to properly perform the work.  Such items should include but are not limited to: cameras, computers, facsimile machines, internet access, estimating software, beeper, and/or wireless telephones, ladder, vehicle, answering machine or service and any other required items.




1.)   The Independent Contractor will have to adjust all claims that are provided to them in accordance with the requirements and standards of ICAT, the Insurance Company requesting the work, and all Federal, State, and Local insurance laws.


  2.)    The Independent Contractor must be a qualified, certified, and licensed adjuster.  As some             states do not require licensing, this requirement will be as determined by the location of the incident.  ICAT will assist the Independent Contractor in obtaining such licenses and the cost of such licenses will be borne by the Independent Contractor.


  3.)   The Independent Contractor is required to provide his/her own Errors & Omissions coverage. A copy must be supplied Prior to any payments for services rendered. E&O can be supplied for the Adjuster if requested at a group rate.


  4.)  The Independent Contractor must provide his/her own auto insurance, in limits as required by the state in which they reside, or any other requirement made by the insurance carrier.




1.)  ICAT will compensate the Independent Contractor on a commission basis.  Commission is based on the claims satisfactorily completed and the appropriate fee schedule per file. Compensation will be made to the Independent Contractor as a percentage of the fee schedule applied to the specific claim.  This percentage will be       %of the applicable fee schedule as paid by carrier.  


2.)     Re-inspection of the Independent Contractors completed files will be preformed and if work is incomplete or incorrect on a file, the commission will be reduced by the actual cost incurred to ICAT to correct or complete the file.


3.)  The Independent Contractor shall be given the first right of refusal to correct or complete these files in a timely fashion at their own expense with no reduction in the original commissioned amount will apply if rectified to the satisfaction of the carrier.


4.)  Payment will be issued to the Independent Contractor bi-monthly (15th & 30th) based on receipt of payment from the carrier (insurance company). All payments will be less a 10% holdback, (hold back is 10% of total fee paid by carrier ) which will be paid 30 days after the completion of the storm operation by ICAT or 15 days after carrier pays and clears all his/her claims. Earliest date applies.


5.) All claims must be completed and turned into the office before departure from the storm area, if this is a catastrophe assignment.  NO files will be permitted to leave the storm region.



              ICAT will pay a 5% bonus to those adjusters that qualify.




             a)  Satisfactory completion of ALL CLAIMS.


             b) The independent adjuster remains at the storm location until the  termination of the storm operation.




             1) The adjuster leaves prior to close of operation with the approval of his/her supervisor and  all other conditions are met.         


             2) The his/her claims must be completed, accepted and paid by the carrier.


The bonus will be calculated as follows, .05 multiplied by the paid fee amount of each file by the carrier.



Legal Agreement




Executed by the parties hereto on _______/________/_________(date)



  By:                                                          By:


  International Catastrophe   Assessment Team                               address: _______________________________




    Independent Contractor                                                                                     address: _______________________________



Any alterations, changes, or amendments to this contact must be in writing and a signed copy by both parties attached to the original copy.


    © 1998 ICATinc.


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