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ICAT has evolved over the years as a catastrophe team that has worked on settling claims both in and out of the country. We have been involved in most of the major catastrophic events in the last 20 years( Hugo, Andrew, Floyd, Typhoon Paka & Pongsona, LA Earthquake  Florida 4 Hurricanes 2003/2004, Katrina, Ike.)  We pride ourselves as being the first in and last out, as a motto depicting our commitment to the settlement of claims in these situations. 

September 16,1999 again tested our commitment with Hurricane Floyd. We supplied an initial strike team of adjusters to our clients  in the forecasted area 2 days prior to landfall. Our advanced team communicated with our clients and the insured through out the time  the area was non accessible to outside personnel.  Based on predictions we established a team of adjusters that were just outside the area poised for deployment. The day law enforcement opened the area our additional adjusters were at ground zero and working claims that day. A major asset to our clients was the ability to give them a real time status of the claims with just one phone call. Quality Service, communication and coordination is our top priority.  ICAT closed 3,500 claims both wind and flood during that storm.

We had a team of adjusters in Guam in response to Supper Typhoon Paka on December 24, 1997 just days after landfall. Claims ranging from NFIP Flood to All Risk commercial and residential policies for Tokyo Marine & Fire were handled. Settling more then 400 such claims, we returned stateside in March of '98

ICAT Returned to  GUAM 12/2002 handling TYPHOON PONGSONA claims for Tokio Marine and Fire/Nanbo Insurance. These claims ranged from large Commercial claims ($25,000,000.00) to single family homes.All claims were completed on February 28th 2003 as requested by the carrier.

Deployment of small teams of adjusters to process hail, flood and tornado claims is also required from time to time. This happens most often simultaneously. We have handled this scenario in Kentucky, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, California, Alabama and George to list a few. 

Our initial strike team of top quality adjusters have management abilities and along with upper management can assess damages and determine the number and type of adjusters needed to efficiently settle claims. Our roster of adjusters are all catastrophe tested not just classroom trained, many with 25 years of field experience. We feel this is imperative since many  new adjusters are not capable of handling the rigors of storm duty ( 16 hrs a day 7 days a week) . We believe quality adjusters not quantity of adjusters is the way to settle catastrophe claims. Many of the large adjusting companies boast of adjuster lists in excess of 500 personnel. As most of us are aware every adjusting firm in the nation repeats this list.Our adjusters have been with us for years and return based on fair treatment and a hands on approach by being in the trenches with them. 

Recent storms over the last few  years has showed us all that some catastrophes will surpass all the manpower available, Management and a strong base of top quality adjusters is ultimately the only way to deal with this enormous demand. We have met and will meet these challenges when called upon to do so. 

More then 20 years devoted to catastrophe claims ICAT can handle your requirements and do so with timely communication and answers. You or your supervisors will never hear " your adjuster is in the field now and we will get back to you when we hear from him", We maintain a real time status and communication with all of our adjusters. With adjusters in virtually every state we can assist you anywhere at any time.


PHONE NUMBER     786-294-6815

FAX NUMBER          800-544-9495


Full response team at ground zero in hours

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